Cruise Ship Passengers - Map 1

After you get off the tender, turn right and walk the short distance to Dock 2.

Cruise Ship Passengers - Map 2

If there is no Happy Flights rep at Dock 2, just ask the guys at the gate to call our water taxi.

Cruise Ship Passengers - Map 3

It won't be this quiet when your ship is in the bay! Fight your way through the crowd of vendors and walk to Dock 2.

Cruise Ship Passengers - Map 4

If you prefer to walk around the Marina before parasailing (breakfast at one of the many cafes?) you can depart from Dock F

Parking - Map 1

If you're driving, the cheapest and closest parking is at the Mall

Parking Map 2

Here's the entrance to the parking building of Puerto Paraiso Mall.

Ruta Del Desierto bus

Fare between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas is 37 pesos (as at Jan 2019)

Cabo Bus Stop

The Ruta del Desierto bus will make this one stop in Cabo before it turns off the main road.

Bus Stop to return to San Jose del Cabo

Several bus lines that run down the highway to San Jose will stop here.

Taxi Drop Off - Map 1

"I would like to get off at the town end of the Marina, outside Starbucks and next to Lorenzillos."

Taxi Drop Off - Map 2

Walk up the side of the Marina, past Lorenzillo's Restaurant, to Dock F

F Dock - Victor

Victor, Kim or Greg will meet you at the gate to Dock F at the time of your parasailing