We're back! Come parasailing and see the beautiful coastal scenery of Cabo San Lucas like you've never seen it before

Happy Flights promises you a fun and friendly parasailing trip. And the memory will last forever, with a selection of photos of your parasailing adventure provided free of charge for downloading from our Facebook page. Read our TripAdvisor reviews then book your flight here. See you in Cabo!

A Message from Kim

Hola and welcome to Happy Flights Cabo. I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada and after being involved in parasailing for 20 years I moved permanently to Mexico and established Happy Flights. My wonderful crew has given thousands of people from across the world an exciting, safe and friendly parasailing experience and I invite you to fly with us. For many people, parasailing with Happy Flights has been the highlight of their vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

Arrange your trip before you leave by booking on this site. It's convenient, easy and totally risk free - your credit card won't be charged until after you've parasailed. Don't hesitate to get in touch for details of group discounts or if you'd like more information. Phone on Mexico 624 114 0446 or email and I’ll reply promptly.

Reserving Your Flight

Select a single, double or triple parasailing flight. Scroll to the bottom of this page or click here to book. Prices are:

  • USD $60 Single Flight
  • USD $105 Double Flight
  • USD $130 Triple Flight
This includes tax but excludes a 2.9% booking fee. During your booking you can add non flying passengers for $15 each. Morning flights usually have the best weather conditions for parasailing - a morning booking is strongly recommended! Main thing is to book for early in your vacation in case the weather doesn't co-operate. Short notice, same day bookings are fine! If you need to change your date or time, no problem. Phone or email to discuss.

Book with Confidence

Happy Flights is open! And you can book your parasailing online completely without risk. Your credit card will be validated at the time of purchase, and the information securely stored by our booking agency, but the charge will be put through AFTER YOU HAVE PARASAILED. If the weather is unkind, or if your vacation plans change, just get in touch. You can give us another date that's suitable or, if you prefer, we'll cancel your booking and won't charge your card - simple as that. Happy Flights doesn't have a cancellation fee or change fee and gives online customers perks - more time in the air and a lot more FREE photos of your parasailing. So booking online gives rewards and is totally risk free. For information on the new strict sanitary and health protocols we've put in place please look at our COVID-19 information post.


Happy Flights is at Dock F, in central Cabo San Lucas and easily accessible by public transport (map). Come to the Dock F gate a few minutes before the time of your parasailing - Victor or Greg will be there to meet you. If you arrive on a cruise ship we can save you a walk and pick you up a few steps from where you'll come ashore. The booking confirmation email will give you the full details of this option. If you're driving you can park undercover all day at Puerto Paraiso Mall very inexpensively. For those coming from the corridor or San Jose we recommend either Uber (very cheap!) or catching the blue and gold Ruta Del Desierto bus. Wave it down on the highway and get off at the stop across from Puerto Paraiso Mall. For more info on how to get to Happy Flights, some useful maps and guides are here.

Your parasailing flight is ready

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions

  • Kids are welcome

    Children from the age of 5 can fly tandem or triple with 16 years or older. Solo at least 16 years.

  • Weight per Flight

    Max weight for a flight (total, not per person) is 420lbs. Minimum is 110lbs.

  • Cameras are OK

    It's fine to take one along, but only if you can fasten it securely to yourself. Drop it, it's gone!

  • Enjoy the view

    Your flight will be from 10 - 12 minutes long at a height of up to 500 feet. Total time out is about an hour.

  • Safe and easy

    You will take off and land from the boat - stay completely dry or ask for a 'toe dip' coming back!

  • Other Activities

    Visit www.caboactivities.today for honest, free and friendly advice on where to go and what to do.

Book single, double and triple flights separately - just choose the same date and time. Attach any passengers to any booking. See you in Cabo!